Do You Understand Limited Liability Companies (“LLCs”)?

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Everyday many new companies are established as a Limited Liability Company (also known as “LLC”).  However, very few business owners have a complete understanding about LLCs.  What are the benefits of being an LLC and what type of business enterprises should consider an LLC?

 Many business owners hold the false perception that once the Articles of Organization has been filed with the State Corporation Commissioner that the business owner(s) are shielded from the company’s debts and losses, like a corporation.  While being able to take advantage of the tax savings available to a partnership.  A number of factors about the company and how the company operates must be properly taken into consideration (i.e., management structure, transferability of member interest, dissolution, etc.).  These details are usually outlined in the Operating Agreement.  The Operating Agreement does not need to be filed with the State Corporate Commissioner, however every LLC should have one in place. 

 Think about the following questions – Is a member liable for a debt/lose acquired by the company if they were the guarantor OR Was the LLC formed in such of a way that the Internal Revenue Service might view it as a corporation OR Does the company provide professional services (i.e., attorney, doctor, etc.)?  If you have difficulty answering any of these questions, I recommend speaking with an attorney or accountant.

 The purpose of this article is to provide introductory information about LLCs.  A complete understanding about LLCs cannot be addresses in just one article due to its complexity.  Since this area of law can be very complex, it may be necessary to consult an attorney or accountant to ensure complete protection.  Accordingly, nothing herein is to be interpreted as legal advice.  We are not attorneys and cannot and do not give legal advice.  Please contact your local bar association if you need assistance locating an attorney.

Please share your knowledge about LLCs or your experiences in connection with an LLC.


Freedom of Speech or Invasion of Privacy?

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The Supreme Court’s 2010 session opened at the beginning of the month.  On October 6, 2010, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about a First Amendment Free Speech/Harassment issue. 

In 2007, Albert Snyder, a father of a Marine, who died while on duty in Iraq, brought suit against the Westboro Baptist Church for invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy, after the church protested at the Marine’s funeral.   Mr. Snyder was awarded $11 million in damages initially, but that amount was later reduced to just over $5 million.  In 2008, the church appealed the decision to the 4th District, and the decision was reversed based on a violation of the freedom of speech of the church members. 

The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments over whether this is a question of harassment or violation of first amendment rights.  Mr. Snyder and his attorney argue that this is a harassment issue rather than a free speech issue.  Mr. Snyder says the Westboro Church invaded his right to properly bury his son by staging protests at the funeral and by using his son’s name to further express the church’s beliefs.  The Westboro Church says that the First Amendment gives them the right to express their beliefs anywhere, including a funeral.   

The outcome of this decision is not expected until closer to the end of the term.

Tell us what you think…is this freedom of speech or invasion of privacy?


Welcome to Dixon Unlimited’s Blog

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Welcome to Dixon Unlimited Business Services, LLC’s Blog.  Come in, get comfortable and have a seat.  Let me tell you a little bit about Dixon Unlimited.  We are a full service business service company which offers legal support services to small law firms, sole practitioners, small businesses owners, and individuals.  We are a group of paralegals who have a dream to help the community save money and bridge the gap.

Prince William County has many small law firms and small businesses that do not have the economic renevue that many nearby cities, such as Washington, DC, Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax, receive annually.  Without this revenue the law firms and small businesses are forced to develope ways to work more effectively and efficiently.  Dixon Unlimited is the solution to this problem.  Our highly trained staff offers paralegal support as needed, which equals savings.  Small businesses save money by contacting our company to assists with the preparation of various legal documents.

Please visit our website at www.dixonunlimited.com for more information about our services.